The English Way

The Way of Saint James originated between 820 and 830 AD when the tomb of St. James was discovered: this was a key finding as it confirmed the religious history that was believed in those lands. From then on, the first pilgrims appeared, from humble people to kings such as King Alfonso II of Asturias, considered the first pilgrim in history.

There are different routes with historical relevance to make the pilgrimage, among them the English Way. This is a route taken by pilgrims from the Nordic countries and England. It consisted of travelling by boat to the ports of A Coruña or Ferrol and from there start the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

The huts are located near the 4th stretch of the English Way if we were to start counting from Ferrol. This stage goes from Betanzos to the Hospital de Bruma with a total length of 28.3km, the huts are located halfway, exactly 15 km from Betanzos.

Near the cottages you can find a part of the English Way known as The ruta dos Amilladoiros. On this route you can find points of interest such as the chapel and the fountain of San Paio de Vilacova. Near the area you can also do a lot of activities such as horse riding from Betanzos through this section of the path, kayaking, mushroom picking, hiking...

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