Meet our suppliers · Labrecos

A few days ago we went on an excursion with the chef of Brasa de Beche, Christian Vadell, to the orchards of one of our KM 0 suppliers: Labrecos in the Concello de Oza - Cesuras, where Aitor welcomed us for the tour. It is important to mention that this brand is also part of the Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo Biosphere Reserve.

Aitor tells us that Labrecos is a family initiative, run mostly by his brother Iván and himself. It has more than 3,800 m2 of greenhouses and more than 16 hectares in the open air. All the farms and greenhouses are located in unique natural settings, where you can enjoy endless walks through their productions, enjoying the different natural aromas emanating from the crops. Throughout the interview, Aitor and Christian exchanged opinions about their views on chefs, products and the Biosphere Reserve. In Labrecos they highly value the way our chef from Brasa de Beche works, highlighting his flexibility, "to be able to work with a restaurant that listens to you, asks you what products you have and doesn't demand what you have to produce, is a pleasure".

For his part, Christian describes his work with Labrecos as "hand in hand" where communication is completely fluid and the relationship goes beyond the work. He also says that whenever Aitor arrives at the restaurant with products, he shows them to the customers and introduces them to Aitor, because the work of both is vital for the result of the dishes at the Brasa de Beche restaurant.

At Labrecos their work is recognised, not only in our restaurant, but they also have numerous certifications, including CRAEGA (Galician Regulatory Council for Organic Agriculture). And certifications are not necessary for the objectives and values they have, such as caring for the environment, revitalising the countryside and sustainability, with actions such as not buying inputs and trying to be self-sufficient.

In short, Christian and Aitor have known how to make perfect use of their synergies, combining knowledge and innovation in the kitchen with the good care and production of products produced in a completely natural way. Thanks to this, the results in the dishes of our restaurant Brasa de Beche are outstanding.

More information:

📍Labrecos is a cooperative located in the municipality of Oza - Cesuras, which produces mainly garden and seasonal products. Its objectives include sustainability and the revitalisation of the countryside, which is why its certifications include the CRAEGA (Consello Regulador de Agricultura Ecolóxica de Galicia).