Meet our suppliers · Gandería Candal Couselo

This time we have made a visit to the Candal Couselo livestock farm, supplier of top quality veal, beef and oxen to our Brasa de Beche restaurant. It is located in Monte do Xalo - Culleredo, just 16 km from SuitesNature EcoCamp Beche. This is another of our bets for local suppliers, recognised by the Slow Food.

Gandeiría Candal Couselo was founded in 2012 as a family business. Its activity began on a farm of just 40 hectares located in Monte do Xalo. Gradually this land was expanded until it now has more than 100 hectares. This large farm is divided into three parts: one dedicated to maize, another to chestnut trees and the last one to pasture. In addition, there was also a gradual increase in the variety of animals, including calves, heifers, yearlings, oxen and cows.

Their main interest is to ensure the good care and treatment of all the animals, which is why they themselves are in charge of sowing, fertilising and harvesting their farms, being aware of the product at all times and thus ensuring optimum food. Their diet is based solely on fodder and maize and, in the autumn season, chestnuts take on a special role as they are an ideal complement. Moreover, as their hallmark is extensive livestock farming, their animals always graze freely.

Regarding their value proposition, they try to offer a local product of excellent quality, taking advantage of the resources of the environment and establishing close relationships with all their customers.

Enjoy this delicious meat in our restaurant Brasa de Beche or on your plot with our DIY Grill Kit!

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📍Gandeiría Candal Couselo is a livestock farm located in Monte do Xalo, 16km from SuitesNature EcoCamp Beche , characterised by its excellent quality products and good treatment of the animals.