Get to know Galician wines

As the Latin proverb suggests "in vino veritas" - in the wine is the truth -, you can discover a hint of our philosophy through Brasa de Beche's wine list, all of them coming from Spain, and many of them from the Galician lands.

Special attention has been paid to the selection of wineries, taking into account their origin and the distance between restaurant and supplier. Our wine list is faithful to our values and the sensations we wish to transmit, with a coherent approach to the menu through the predilection and exaltation of local products. As customers, you will live a 360º experience of quality, sophistication and naturalness.

The commitment to our suppliers and the nature of our products can be contrasted on the menu with the labels: BIO, ECO and VR.

- BIO - Vit. Biodynamic: No systemic treatments, autochthonous yeasts.

- ECO - Ecological Vit.: No systemic treatments, possible exogenous yeasts.

- VR - Vit. Respectful: Systemic treatments only in case of emergency.

A varied offer is presented - sparkling, white and red - so that each wine can accompany different dishes.

For lovers of wine with character, we present the wines of Betanzos, such as Bordelar Verde IXP 2021, Bordel. Its winery is located just 6km from the restaurant, so we guarantee the most sincere origin of the product.

In the past, Betanzos stood out as one of the capitals of the Kingdom of Galicia and was known as the "City of the Knights" due to the numerous noble families that lived there at the time, as well as having established itself throughout history as a wine-producing city. Over the centuries, it has increased its prestige as a city of vineyards through quality seals such as Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications (PGI).

Betanzos PGI wines have complex and profound characteristics, with fine and fresh features on the palate. They are characterised by a balanced acidity and aromatic presence due to the characteristics of the environment and their natural ripening process.

Undoubtedly, to enjoy the white wines of the Betanzos region within its PGI, we recommend the following grape varieties: godello, albarín (branco lexítimo), palomino and white chenín.

On the other hand, red wines are suggested those made from grapes accepted within the Betanzos IGP such as: Cotaventos IXP, its winery is located 22km from the restaurant.

Betanzos red wines are recognisable by their cherry red colour and aromas reminiscent of red fruits of the forest. They have a smooth and light flavour but do not linger as long as the whites.

In the northwest of Galicia we find the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin, known as one of the most important wine producers in the world due to the quality of its auto grapes - albariño, loureira blanca or marqués, treixadura, caíño blanco, torrontés and godello - The Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin covers the province of Pontevedra and a small part of the province of A Coruña and is divided into five zones: Val do Salnés, O Rosal, Ribeira do Ulla, Condado do Tea and Soutomaior.

The wines of the Rías Baixas stand out for their Atlantic character, with roots in a millenary tradition and environment that give them a genuine quality and origin. In our wine list you can find: Morra O Conto, Casa Monte Pío y Sal, Iria Otero, among others.

Finally, moving on to the reds, and moving inland to Galicia, we find the Valdeorras Denomination of Origin. This covers the wine-growing areas of the municipalities of A Rúa, A Veiga, Carballeda de Valdeorras, Larouco, O Barco, O Bolo, Petín, Rubiá and Vilamartín with almost 50 wineries.

The winemaking tradition of Valdeorras dates back to Roman times, with its origins in the production of exquisite wines enjoyed by both locals and pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. The production areas are located in the driest climate in Galicia, which mixed with the Atlantic essence, confer the ideal characteristics for the production of wines such as mencía. This wine is characterised by its intense purple colour and elegant fruity aroma with an intense aftertaste and a perfect balance between alcohol and acidity. Maldito Tinto de Guarda is one of the best examples of our menu for those daring people who want to accompany their experience with an intense, sensual and elegant mencía.