Brasa de Beche & Slow Food

A few months after inaugurating our Beche resort, which includes the KM0 Brasa de Beche Restaurant, we have had the honour of receiving the Slow Food Compostela badge in recognition of our support for local producers and local commerce. If you're wondering what exactly this is, read on and we'll explain it all to you.

Slow Food Compostela is part of the global Slow Food organisation, which dates back to 1989. It was created with the aim of preventing the disappearance of local food cultures and counteracting the rise of fast-paced lifestyles, in contrast to the fast food philosophy. It also responds to people's interest in knowing where the food they eat comes from, providing visibility so that people are aware of the way in which our food choices affect the environment around us.

Slow Food in the world.

Among the premises of Brasa de Beche and SuitesNature EcoCamp Beche is the commitment to sustainability and ecotourism. As a result of these premises, we have joined Slow Food, which, as we mentioned earlier, is aware of the importance of nutrition and its culture. In this natural refuge we value local products and extensive farming over intensive farming, placing value on the gardens near the resort, the work of local producers and the basics of the Atlantic diet, with the utmost respect for the raw material itself, since a good product does not need much dressing to delight the palate.

As you highlight on your page about our entry into Slow Food Compostela, we care that our environment remains as green as it has always been, that the efforts of the local farmers and ranchers are fairly rewarded and that our guests who visit us eat, as well as well, healthy. For all these reasons we continue working to offer a great gastronomic experience to all our guests and diners who visit us.

Finally, SuitsNature EcoCamp Beche shares with Slow Food also the promotion of several Sustainable Development Goals for the United Nations 2030 agenda, specifically the following goals:

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